NLP Course


March 2012 NLP Practitioner Coach


Comments and testimonials


Sara very professional delivery excellent course


Sara really friendly and positive knowledgeable and inspirational


Sara very good style of teaching, very approachable


Sara really friendly and enthusiastic


Sara loads of energy, lovely style


Sara good training style


Sara very friendly approachable demonstrations are excellent  takes time and patient


Jimmy wealth of nlp experience evident and used to good effect. Good communicative style easy listening, relating


Jimmy is incredibly knowledgeable lots of experience


Jimmy really positive and helpful very informative and enthusiastic


Jimmy great open discussion really good practical references


Jimmy very engaging, down to earth, approachable




“Really good course, will recommend it to friends”


“A great way to be introduced to the world of nlp keep it up “


“The nlp practitioner course helped me understand myself and others to enable me to make better connections with people and has already helped me in taking my next step in my career path “