NLP The Structure of Experience


The structure of Experience.

All of what we experience in life is comprised of various elements: behaviour, emotions, patterns of thinking, and the beliefs or assumptions on which those patterns are based. Differences in experiences are a direct result of differences in how these elements are structured. That is, your behaviours, what you are feeling, what you are thinking, what you believe, and how all of these elements interact with one another, combine to give rise to your experience at a moment in time. That array of content and relationships constitutes the structure of the experience.

It is within these structures that we find the differences that distinguish someone who is adept at ability from someone who is not. In modelling, we are “mapping” out the underlying structure of experience that makes it possible for someone who is excellent in their field to manifest his/her particular ability. If we – or anyone – structure our experience to match that of the person who is excellent in their field, that structure will enable us to manifest (to a great extent) that same ability.