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           Smash Limiting Beliefs

With Jimmy Petruzzi




“Doctors and scientists said that breaking the four-minute

mile was impossible, that one would die in the attempt. Thus,

when I got up from the track after collapsing at the finish line,

I figured I was dead.”

Roger Bannister



          Belief Change Process



                          Identifying limiting beliefs


Limiting beliefs are what hold us back. They are patterns we run which restrict our thinking, and often produce negative emotions and thoughts.




Limiting Beliefs – What’s Blocking You?

When you want something in your life – a new job, more money to lose weight, to get healthier, a better relationship, to be less anxious or less angry – and it’s not happening





Beliefs shape our reality

Here are some of the more common types of resistance in the form of limiting beliefs that can crop up and sabotage your desire for change and growth.

  • I’m now worthy, good enough, lovable enough,
  • I don’t deserve good things
  • Something terrible will happen
  • It’s greedy to want more
  • More for me means less for others
  • Others will resent me, be jealous
  • Others won’t approve of me, will criticize me, judge me.
  • I need other’s approval
  • It’s not safe to shine, to stand out
  • I need to struggle; life has to be a struggle
  • I am a victim
  • I need to take care of everyone else before me
  • I can do it better than anyone
  • I can’t change
  • I’m too old; I’m too young
  • I missed my chance, it’s too late for me
  • The economy is bad; it’s not the right time
  • I don’t have the necessary resources – money, time, intelligence, training, credentials, creativity, help, friends, family, etc.
  • I’m too screwed up by my past and I can’t get over it
  • I can’t do hard things

Beliefs can be fully conscious, but are often under the radar of our awareness, nearly unconscious.

The beliefs we form in childhood become the truths we live by.


These beliefs shape our reality.

We make interpretations of events and form our own life truths.  For example, if a child accidentally breaks something and his/ her parents frown and shout, the child may interpret the look the parents face and conclude, “There’s something wrong with me.






Three elements must be present—stated or implied—in a well–formed belief about wealth or success.

Those elements are

1. It’s possible

2. I’m capable

3. I’m worth it


Belief Change Technique

Think of a belief holding you back in an area of your life

A Limiting belief professionally or personally?

What would your Preferred belief be?

Outcome you could achieve with preferred belief?

Go through the following step-by-step process (break state in between steps)


Step 1:Fully Associate to that belief that stands in the way of you achieving, a dream, goal, outcome…You will probably find an association to that belief with a past experience, i.e. at School, University, personal life, Work. Notice what you see, hear and feel and any associations you have about the belief?

Step 2. Find a strong and useful belief about something in which you already excel. It does not need to be the same belief as the one needed to achieve your outcome; simply find something that you know you do really well. Examine its qualities, what do you see, hear and feel.

Step 3: Think of a limiting belief or a doubt you once had to accomplish something personally or professionally though you managed to achieve your desired outcome and over come your limiting belief or doubt.

Step 4. Think of a time you had faith, even though you weren’t a 100% sure you could accomplish you desired outcome, you went for it, and did it, you just believed


Step 5:  Now release the Negative belief in the  Museum of Old beliefs the place where all those things you once, but no longer, believe are true are stored.


And whilst you release the negative belief ask your self these questions Belief leverage questions:

Questions to breakdown limiting belief

  • How is this belief ridiculous and absurd? 
  • Was the person you learned this belief from worth modelling in this area? 
  • What will it ultimately  cost  you  if  you  dont  let  go  of  this belief?
  • What will   it cost  you  emotionally  if  you dont  let  go  of  this belief? 
  • What will is cost you in your relationships you dont let go of this belief? 
  • What will is cost you physically if you dont let go of this belief? 
  • What will it cost you financially if  you dont let go of this belief? 
  • What will it  cost  family/loved  ones  if  you dont  let  go  of  this belief? 
  • ·        Now having asked  those  questions  how  do  you  feel  about that negative belief
  • ·        Completely release and let go of this negative or limiting belief and place it with any other belief you have that doesn’t serve you no more

Step 5. A position of ‘beyond belief’ – a level of knowing that is so strong, you now completely believe  and install the preferred positive belief. Completely certain you can achieve your goal

Step 6: Future pace imagine how different your life will be as of today, tomorrow, and the impact having and living with this new belief will have in your future interactions and life
Step 7. Slowly come back into the hear and now, bring any learning with you


Congratulations you have smashed your limiting belief and can look forward to living with the new positive belief in the specific