logical levels






logical levels

Spirituality/Purpose This can be viewed as your

connection to a wider purpose.

What is your sense of purpose on

a personal level?

Why are you


What is your sense of

purpose professionally?

Why do

you do what you do?

What is the

meaning of your existence both

personally and professionally?


Identity/Mission Who are you as an individual?

Who are you to different people?


Who are you professionally?


you achieving your purpose?


How do you think of yourself on

a personal level?


professionally? – i.e. I am a

intelligent person, attractive

person, good person


Beliefs and Values Why do you do what you do?



And professionally?


What do you believe about

yourself personally and


On a personal


What are you key values


And professionally?


You may believe you are an

excellent public speaker. Or you

may value honesty. From a

professional perspective, you

may value good excellent client

care and/or the best interest of

people you speak to.




How do you go about doing

things? Personally? And

professionally? What are your

personal and professional

capabilities, skills, strategies or

action plans?


Behaviours What are your behaviours?

Personally? Professionally?


Environment Where? When? With Whom?

Where, when and with who do

you display your behaviours?

Personally? Professionally? What

are the external influences on