Beginning Self Hypnosis

Beginning Self Hypnosis (This is a good version for recording to give to clients)

Now, place your self in a comfortable position. Either sitting or lying down. Take off your shoes…loosen any restricting article of clothing. This allows free and unobstructed circulation. As you get settled, part your legs slightly, get comfortable. And allow your arms to stay limply and loosely at your sides. And [During this recording / session], do not move any part of your body until I ask you to. Now, in a moment I will begin to count from 3 down to 1,

And, as I count down, from 3 to 1, Close your eyes and begin to relax all the muscles in and around the eyes, relax these muscles so much…3 go ahead, that’s it, close your eyes and begin to relax the muscles in and around your eyes, that’s right 2, relaxing them more and more and soon  you  know they are so relaxed they wont open, 1 that’s right remaining closed, so relaxed, that they don’t feel like opening, you can try in vain to open you’re eyes. And as you try in vain to open your eyes, that’s it, you find the more you try, the more they begin to lock down tightly closed. The more you try to open your eyes, the more they lock down, as If they were glued shut tightly closed. And the more you try, the more you find they simply lock tightly closed.

And when you have satisfied yourself, that they are so relaxed, they will not open, stop trying and relax, taking in a deep, deep breath, inhaling slowly, filling up your lungs now….fill them up to that point that feels as if you cannot take another breath…now, take just a little more…that’s it, now exhale slowly, and as you exhale, picture or imagine a cool, white mist coming, from your nostrils. This cool, white mist will be your sign that you have taken in the right amount of oxygen for your body, and allowed hypnosis to come over you, the perfect amount of oxygen needed for good circulation and deep relaxation. This good circulation continues, easily and effortlessly. You feel wonderfully good at this moment, for you are in control. And with each and every breath that you now take, you allow yourself to relax twice as much as before, drifting, relaxing even more now. You go deeper and deeper and even deeper relaxed…into that wonderful place called deep, deep hypnosis. Breathe in through your nose once again and exhale through your nose, and the next breath, breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth, and as you practice this technique, you will know when you have entered hypnosis. A wonderful feeling of relaxation comes over your body with each breath that you take. And this relaxation is calming, soothing and peaceful. You now drift deeper and deeper with each sound of my voice. Now I will show you how to use this new technique of self-hypnosis. You find that going in and out of hypnosis is very easy. Self-hypnosis is so very easy to learn. Hypnosis that you direct your self is self-hypnosis. You are in control at all times.


Beginning self hypnosis

You have control; even as you find your mind wandering, go ahead. Let it wander, here, there or somewhere else, you are still in control. Enjoy this feeling, no need to analyse… just easily and lazily, wander. Hypnosis is inherent to us all. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. And all we need do, Is let it happen.

The important word here is …you don’t make hypnosis happen, you let it happen. As you begin to understand this concept, entering into hypnosis becomes easier and easier. I may use the word sleep during the session, and whenever the word sleep is used by me, it is not the same type of sleep that occurs at night. In this new sleep state, you are keenly aware of your surroundings.  This same technique may be used to bring on natural sleep if you wish, but for the moment, use this technique for relaxation. Your mind is now concentrated and your body is now relaxed. The more you practice, the easier the body will relax. Now, just let the good feelings come over you. Your eyes are closed, your body feels loose and limp and very lazy. The more you let yourself relax; the deeper you go into hypnosis. Now, imagine that there is a blackboard with numbers on it. The numbers are in consecutive order, starting with 100. As you count backwards from 100, say aloud or mentally the words “deeper asleep”. Next, 99 deeper asleep…98 deeper asleep…97 deeper asleep… and as you count down to the next number, a slow moving, puffy white cloud comes drifting slowly and easily into your mind. This cloud is the cloud of forgetfulness. As you count down to the number 96, the next number just starts to fade away inside the billowy white cloud. As you try to count down to another number, every number now disappears into the fog, and you just can’t remember any more numbers. Just allow all the numbers to drift right out of your mind. Now, this is the way the clouds of forgetfulness allow you to erase negative feelings. Any feeling you want to forget, you may forget now. Go ahead…practise ridding yourself of negative feelings, let the feelings to be forgotten, slip lazily into the cloud bank, into those billowy white clouds. And as easily as you put the feeling, you want to forget into each cloud, it is now forgotten and drifting out of your mind, gone. No longer important, you feel so wonderfully good and relaxed and lazy,  you feel it is just too much effort, to ever consider these feelings ever again. You wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything.  That is why you have placed them into the cloud of forgetfulness. And as the cloud slowly floats right out of your mind, the same way it came into your mind, you feel good. You feel safe, and any time you want to get rid of some feeling(s), you no longer feel is necessary, you let the cloud come into your mind to do its wonderful work. You have complete and total control, you are letting yourself do this by yourself, and for yourself.


Beginning self hypnosis

Of course, the more you practise, the easier it becomes.   Now, you begin to set aside 2 periods a day, set them aside for you to go into the relaxing state known as hypnosis. You may use this method to go to sleep. Use this system to suggest positive outcomes in any and all of your situations. Positive suggestions to your self, for your self are reaffirming, and any goals you set for yourself are easily obtainable, without question. For you realise from this moment on, expectations maybe realised, for now, you have come upon the simplest answers for your continuing growth. You begin to excel far and away, in any and all of your endeavours. All the confidence you have, you now use to complete any task in a first rate manner, it helps you to grow, and as you complete another task, you become twice as confident as before, that you always finish what you start. And every time you finish, you become stronger in your convictions that there is nothing you cannot complete once you start it, as you use it to obtain the goals you have set for yourself, you may also rid your self of any unwanted habits, habits that seem to interfere with every day living and growing. Any habit that is now detrimental to your health is easily and completely cast off on the fog bank, never to return.

This choice to grow tall, confident, and sure, completes the circle. You now enjoy peace of mind, excellent health and a strong spirit to guide you forever and forever.

This is good. For as [man/woman] thinks, so [he/she] is.  Expectations have a tendency to be realised. (suggest a moment of silence beginning now)

In a moment, you will return to full awareness. and as I count up from 1 to 5, on number 5 you will awaken alert and refreshed, 1  easily, and slowly returning to your full awareness… 2…. Coming up and feeling wonderfully good, 3…. you feel alert, refreshed, perfect in every way, physically perfect…mentally perfect…4….your eyes feel as if they have been bathed in pure, fresh, spring water, and on the next number now  5….open you’re eyes, take a deep breath, and stretch…. open you’re eyes, breathe deeply and stretch. Feeling wonderfully good…

[Optional…this is your friendly hypnotist saying have a wonderful day, if using on a recording]