Get Motivated

Get Motivated

And as you continue to relax, just drifting deeper and deeper relaxed, drifting into sublime comfort and ease, so calm, so at ease, so very relaxed. I now present to your subconscious mind, some suggestions that you will find reasonable and acceptable and in your best interests. Realising now, that no individual, has ever accomplished a great feat or had the best sales or given the best speech without being motivated, especially, whilst accomplishing the feat. No one has ever acquired an amazing amount of knowledge without being motivated .All of the top salespeople in the world have one thing in common and that is motivation to achieve their targets and be the best. In order to obtain any skill or to become proficient in any art, to do anything worthwhile, you need to be motivated not lazy. Since not all of us can be instrumental, enough in causing great things to come about, even on a more ordinary level, motivation makes anything and everything easier to accomplish and more fun. The ones, who achieve most, in life are invariably activated and motivated to get off their bums and do something, not to sit lazily like you are. Those who do most with their lives are those who approach human existence, the opportunities and the problems, even at rough times with a confident attitude and an enthusiastic point of view are the most motivational people. Recognising how important motivation is, you can deliberately make yourself motivated and actually go further and develop a quality of motivation, so meaningful, with such depth that it will not decline. No matter what strain is put on it. It has been said that the true genius for living is to carry the spirit of a child into old age. And what is the spirit of a child, but that of wide eyed wonder and excitement with the motivation to do something or learn something new. That the world is truly is a wonderful and exciting place and more and more with each passing day you find yourself cultivating this very same child like motivation, excitement and wonder about life. You are beginning to realise how very important this thing called motivation is. And to keep your motivation perking is an irresistible goal, a fascinating objective that dominates, motivates and refuses to let go of you. Now you are finding such a goal in life to give yourself meaning and purpose. Setting for yourself goals, realistic goals that you just have to achieve and you are building under these goals the fire of anticipation. You keep that fire of anticipation burning to overcome negative and defeatist thoughts and attitudes. To make the most of each day you now find yourself taking more specific, definite positive steps. You find yourself each and every day carefully practicing listening to yourself, you note and you study with meticulous attention every comment, so that you become fully conscious of the amazing number of negative actions and excuses that, you constantly make, to talk yourself out of doing something. Be so amazingly honest with yourself, so when you do hear yourself make a negative comment or excuse, you stop and ask yourself, do I really believe what I am saying or am I just being lazy again? I do not really believe that do I? You are now adopting the habit of saying just the opposite of what you usually say and you are noting now how much better the new you sounds. As you continue to take these steps, you find it more and more exciting to hear these words and ideas that are full of life and hope and expectancy coming from your mouth instead of the old defeatist words and statements. Soon you discover that something really exciting is happening. You are experiencing an upsurge of dynamic motivation. You are also resolving to keep track of everything that happens as you work with these new procedures. You are carefully noting and computing the smallest results. If you had previously been in the habit of saying, for example, things are not going so well today, so I won’t go to the gym or go for that walk, you know that things were much better because they usually are. You are able to admit honestly that you really expected them to go well. You are no longer lying to yourself concerning these expectations. You are no longer afraid to expect the best. You want the best, you expect the best and you get the best. So you do go to the gym or for that walk. Now I would like you to picture and imagine yourself in some situation where you used to act with lethargy, laziness and perhaps even gloom and doom and now picture and imagine yourself reacting with abundant excitement and motivation, more than you have ever had. Notice how that fills you with confidence, hope and expectations for a new and better and more interesting healthy life. This is something you would never trade back for your old laziness, pessimism and doom and gloom. Now you feel an enormous sense of pride and pleasure and power.

A new kind of exhilarating motivation, an abundant and abounding zeal, which flows all through you to all parts of you, to all areas of your life, social, business and personal to help you overcome and become the person you want to be, will be and deserve to be. Realising that, you can handle all of your problems with ability and intelligence.

To be motivated is to enjoy life, to make new friends, to achieve a goal in life. Smile and smile more, and let that new motivated you out.

You do all of these things and more, not because I say so, it’s because it’s just the way it is, isn’t it? Now you can remember to forget and forget to remember all those things best left at the subconscious level and remember only that which you need to remember.

Use own count back or other method of your choice.