Six Step Reframe Weight Control


Six Step Reframe Weight Control

Induction of choice.  Use existing or set up Ideo motor signal, yes/ no fingers.

1. Start by getting client to think about eating, perhaps the last time they overate or when raiding the pantry or fridge

2. Ask the sub conscious mind to allow the part that is responsible for [Client’s name overeating behaviour] to be allowed to use the yes/no signals. Then ask that part to give you a yes signal when it is listening to you.

3. Separate the positive intention from the behaviour

Ask the part are you willing to allow your conscious mind to know what it is of value that you get from eating as you do?

(If yes, say go ahead then and let your conscious mind know. If NO carry on anyway because no is also yes.) (It cannot, not communicate)

4. Create new alternative

Ask the part if it would be willing to go into the client’s creative part of their subconscious mind (Explaining we all have a creative part, this is the part that enables us to play, draw, etc) and find/choose more satisfying ways to accomplish this positive intention other than overeating [Or eating junk]. Reassure the part there is no obligation to use the choices, only find them.

When you get a yes, tell it to go ahead and select up to 10 new choices, minimum of three & when it has completed this, to give you a yes signal.

5. Evaluate the new choices

Ask the part to evaluate each of the new choices in terms of whether subconsciously it believes the each choice is at least as immediate, effective and available as their old behaviour. Each time it identifies one that it believes is so, to give you a yes signal. If only two or less than two go back and find at least one more. Utilise the creative part if need to come forward and help.





6. Now ask the subconscious part if it would be willing to take full responsibility for using this/these new choice[s] for say [3]months to evaluate its/their effectiveness. Suggesting that it can continue to improve the choice or even generate new and even better choices without your help. [Saying and you know you can do that…don’t you? or similar] Look for a yes signal at this point.

Now in a moment l am going to give you 30 seconds of real time, which will seem like 3 months in trance time and l want you to run a movie of using the new behaviour in situations where in the past it used to carry out the old behaviour. Ask for a YES signal if the new choices are effective and a NO if they are not.


(If in any way the new choices do not work or are harmful go back to step four and create at least three new choices.)


(You may get signals throughout the movie or when client has finished, you may also get a response for each choice or for the total. Both answering methods are acceptable.) (Remember to stop the movie)


Say I would like you to install this new behaviour in place of the old behaviour and as you install the new behaviour, l want you to delete that old behaviour and if this is agreeable just let me know with a yes signal please.

[When complete just thank the part etc]

Ask the part to check with all the other parts of the subconscious mind if there are no objections to this positive change and if there are no objections to let me know with a no signal. When complete thank the subconscious mind and have clients conscious mind thank the subconscious for doing such wonderful work and ask all parts to return to their place feeling calm, confident and pleased and proud to have been able to change in this way.


Bring back to conscious awareness feeling wonderfully good.