Self Love Visualisation Script


Self Love Visualisation Script

Induction of choice (Speak with empathy and be congruent)

Everything we do will be so easy and relaxed…just simply relax even more now.

Now, picture a tranquil lake…See how the sun glints off the water.

See a bird gliding gently overhead…so tranquil and calm…you are tranquil and calm…And now, there is energy gathering in the sky above you. It is a gentle loving energy. It looks like little particles of silver and gold, little particles of light. The silver and gold specks gather above you and begin to swirl around, around and around.  A gentle easy swirling.  A gentle loving feeling…Now all this gentle loving energy is dipping down to you in a cone of energy…a swirling cone of loving energy, peaceful energy, and gentle energy. It dips down and covers your head, clearing your mind of any negative thoughts. It clears your mind of all criticism, all judgement. It clears your mind of any blocks you have in your way, any negative patterns of thinking. It clears your mind of all worry about the future, all regret for the past.  It clears you of thoughts which make you uncomfortable or afraid.  It clears the negative thoughts and replaces them with a deep, deep quiet…a wonderful peace and calm. Feel the calm and peace fill your mind. Now the cone of energy dips lower and covers your throat.  And here, it clears away the things, which keep you from expressing yourself fully and openly and lovingly.  It opens your throat so that you can speak your truth. Now the energy cone dips lower and covers your heart.  And here it takes away the anger and the blame and replaces it with forgiveness.  It takes away the longings and regrets, the jealousies and any feeling that there us something you are missing, any yearnings that make you think that happiness lies somewhere in the future. If only things were different in some way. Instead of this longing, this feeling of loneliness and emptiness, your heart, is now filled with love. The empty loneliness is cleared away and you are filled with the love of the universe in its place.

Now the cone of energy dips lower and covers your stomach, your solar plexus. Here it takes away the fear and replaces it with a comfortable feeling, A deeply centred feeling that all is right with the world. A centred feeling that makes you feel as if you are exactly right, exactly what you need to be in this moment. Now the cone dips down and covers the rest of your body.  And here you feel deeply rooted to this physical experience, very much part of the earth, very much part of all that is.  All fear of this physical existence is swept away in the cone of energy. Now the cone expands and it spreads to cover the entire room in which you are sitting.  It clears the room of all negative energy, of conversations and feelings which occurred here, recently and for years past.  All that old negative energy is cleared and only positive energy remains…now the cone expands further and covers the entire [building] in which you are sitting.  Again, it swirls around and around clearing away the negative leaving the positive. Now the energy lifts up slowly…slowly…lifts up and returns to the sky…swirling and taking with it all of the negative energy which was removed, and sends this to the light where it is accepted and transformed.  And now you feel completely clean and clear.  You feel as if you were just born, brand new and ready for life and love.

See the angels that appear above you. They are dressed in long white gowns and they glow golden with love. They each have a gleaming silver pitcher full of love and they pour it over you now. They pour their love on you. They pour their love on the room in which you are sitting and on every room in the building. They pour on love and love and love, more and more love.  You feel it filling you, blessing you. You feel the sweet waters of love filling the places where the negative energy was swept away. It fills you completely, it fills you so full you begin to overflow and love spills out from you, the sweet waters of love, spilling out and reaching out to everyone in your life. Reaching out…touching everyone. See the waters flow…See the waters pour down…fill you and overflow and reach out to everyone in your life. Feel what it is like to be filled with love, feel what it is like to be loved, completely loved, absolutely loved, nothing but love. Experience this, revel in this. Laugh, smile, and open your mouth to drink in this love. Rub it all over your body. Laugh with joy at the wonder of it…all this love… poured down on you, an endless stream of love, and it is all for you. Where there was fear, there is now love, where there were negative thoughts, now there is love and positive thoughts. Where there was guilt, now there is love…love…washing clean? Love filling up. Love embracing you. You are exactly as you need to be. You have tried so hard and you have done well. You have not done everything you have hoped to do and that is all right. Exactly as you are you should be. What you have done has been good. What you have left undone is good as well.  You are now exactly where you need to be in order to take the next step in your life, on your path. You are all that you need to be.  There is nothing missing.  There is nothing lacking. You are strong and capable and are exactly what you ought to be in all ways. Accept yourself; accept yourself exactly as you are. Have you made some mistakes? Of course you have. And those mistakes were exactly what you needed to lead you to this perfect moment, right now, exactly where you are…ready to take the next step in your life.  Have you left things undone with regret?  Let the regrets go…For everything you have done and left undone is exactly what has led you to now, this moment. This moment is exactly as it should be and so are you. Accept yourself, Accept that you are worthy of the great love of the universe. See above you how the angels are gathering. Yes, there are the angels who are pouring love upon you, unending love, and there are angels behind them, row after row of angels, filling the sky with their glory and wonder. They are all sending their love and their blessing down upon you.

And you, exactly as you are, are worthy of all this love.  Yes, you are.  You are worthy of it and surrounded by it.  There is help for you at every turn because you are this worthy. You are everything. You are an important part of all that is. You are the piece that makes the puzzle whole. You are the note which makes the chord complete. You are vitally important. And healing yourself heals the world. Loving yourself fills the world with love.  You are connected to all that is…Feel this deeply…Feel this in your core. Feel the deep connection which runs down into the earth and up to the heavens…Feel the deep connection which runs through you…Feel the oneness and feel how you are part of that oneness… how it could not exist without you. You are this important.

You are worthy of love and you are worthy of respect. Respect yourself deeply.  Love yourself deeply. Treat yourself with deep respect. Treat your body with respect, giving it pure water and healthy food, exercising it and pampering it. Treat your mind with respect, providing it with times of peace and quiet in order to let it clear and recharge. Treat your emotional self with respect by demanding that others treat you well, by speaking up for yourself by making choices and decisions, which help you. Act in your own best interest, respect others, yes, but not more than you respect yourself. Love others, yes, but not more than you love yourself. Begin with yourself always. Begin here, within yourself, loving yourself, respecting you and then let that glow reach outward.

See now…the spark inside you…see the glow inside you.  This is the glow of your being, your creativity, your love of life and self. Now let it expand, let it fill you, this glow. Let it glow, grow, and fill your entire body until you are alight with whom you are. Shine, shine with who you are. All of your talents let them shine. All of your humour let it shine. All of your deepest beliefs, your personal truth, let it shine. All of your love, your love for life itself, let it shine.  Now… let the glow reach out even further than you, let it glow brighter and brighter until you are a beacon of love and caring, able to light the way for others as well. This is your goal…to let yourself be seen in all of your beauty …To let yourself glow so brightly that you light up this world.  You can do this.  In all the perfection of being, you can do this. Shine…  shine…shine

Now just sit quietly for a few moments and feel yourself shine, see yourself shine…shine…And now take a few deep breaths…That’s right…Move your toes around, then your legs. Move your hands and then your arms.  Lift your arms up over your head and stretch. Roll your shoulders gently.  Take a deep breath and open your eyes…wide-awake…back to full conscious awareness.

Now, as you go out in the world today, remember to shine