Interview Success


Interview Success

Induction and Deepener of choice. (Might want to set up IMR)

Drifting now into a lovely comfortable feeling…deeper and deeper relaxed…and as you do…you can really begin to enjoy this peace and calm…it’s a wonderful feeling to be so relaxed…and quite perfect to be here right now.  Tensions can drop away …your body knows how to feel good…and it does. You can remember many things that have happened to you in your life…and I want you to search your creative unconscious mind for a memory of a time when you feel really good…you had strong, positive, confident feelings…I don’t know what that memory will be but what I do know is that it was one of the best moments in your life…so far…so nod your head (Or give me a yes signal) when you have that memory.

(Wait for signal)…Good…I want you to relive it again…experience it in every detail …only this time the good feelings are stronger still.  Let me know when you are back there in that memory, experiencing it again…by giving me a yes signal.

(Wait for signal)…That’s good…you can smile…can you not…and really enjoy what you have…and make the colours richer and bolder…and any sounds…louder and clearer…and take a deep breath now…and as you hold those good feelings inside you…I want you to press together the thumb and the middle finger of your hand…- that’s right…press it stronger…for whenever you wish to experience these feelings again…this is all you need to do…take a nice, comfortable deep breath in and press the thumb and finger together in this way…and smile…and you will immediately experience those wonderful feelings again.

Now I want you to imagine that the day of your interview has arrived.  You’ve given yourself good time to get here and you feel calm and composed.  You know you look good because you’re wearing smart clothes that are just right for this interview …your hair is neatly in place (Male maybe use shoes)…your shoes are polished and you’ve done your research on this company…you know that you are right for this job…because you have the qualifications and experience that they require and they’ve seen your CV and obviously approve of what they know about you so far… that’s why you’ve been offered this interview.

You tell yourself that you’re right for this job…you can already imagine yourself working here…it seems so familiar to you.  And as you’re waiting to be invited in… you simply relax and remain calm…composed and confident.

Now it’s your turn and you’re shown the way to the room where the interviews are being held.  As you walk into the room you smile at the interviewers and take a seat where indicated to.  You’re aware of your body language…you sit up straight…but not stiffly, your hands on your lap…your body language is open and friendly enough to show them you’re an approachable person.

You maintain eye contact with the interviewer…if there are several people there then when you answer questions you look at the person asking the question and ensure that you are also including the other interviewers in your response.  You speak clearly when invited to…and your voice carries well…you know your stuff and you can answer the questions easily…telling them exactly what you already know that they want to hear…and offering your own insights if you think this is appropriate.

You know how to respond to every question that is asked…because you trust yourself…all your knowledge and memories of the experience you’ve had is stored up there in your wonderful subconscious mind…and if you need time to answer a question that’s fine…you simply relax and breathe in…squeezing your finger and thumb and remembering those wonderful…confident feelings…everything’s stored

Interview Success

up there in your mind…easy to access…easy to remember good feelings…easy to respond in an appropriate way to whatever you need to respond to.

Imagine now that the interview is over…and you’ve just been informed that you are the successful candidate…the job is yours…well…you knew it would be all along… but this gives you a tremendous feeling of confidence…you excelled…you did marvellously well and you feel just great.

Now go even further into the future and imagine yourself already working for this company…doing whatever it is you’re going to be doing…easily adapting…fitting in to your new role…enjoying every minute of your job.  Do this now for a moment or two whilst I’m quiet…and when you next hear my voice I’ll bring you out of this wonderful hypnotic rest…but you can always remember – the good feelings and how to re-experience them.

(Pause for a minute)

Good…now when you’re ready – I’m going to count from one to five and at the count of five you’ll be wide awake.