Learn a Foreign Language


Learn a Foreign Language

Before you begin the script, ensure that you and your client knows the translation of the word love in the language they’re learning, as this will become part of their post hypnotic response.

Induction and Deepener of choice

You are now in a heightened state of awareness and your subconscious mind is open and receptive to everything that is said to you during hypnosis and everything I say instantly becomes your reality.

And it’s because you really want to learn this new language (State which one) that you fine tune your concentration and easily enter an Alpha Theta brain wave level… where your learning becomes accelerated and easy…and I’m going to show you a way to enter this state almost instantly…in order to effectively learn this new language. But first of all…I want you to project your mind into the future and hear yourself speaking fluently the language of your choice…perhaps you can also see yourself in that country…conversing easily and naturally with the people that you meet.  Notice how they instantly warm to you when you begin to speak…because you’ve taken the interest and effort to learn their language…and also notice how you can begin to think in that language and how good it makes you feel.

You may have your own special reason for learning this new language…and if you have…I’d like you to also give a few moments reflection as to the benefits you’ll receive when you can read and understand and speak it fluently…writing it also comes easily to you…because you really want to learn this language…you see it as an exciting challenge to broaden your horizon and are really looking forward to learning new words and phrases.


Learning is fun for you…you enjoy it far more than you ever thought possible…you have a yearning to practice this language as often as you can.

Now I want you to think about the word love…because that’s how you’re beginning to feel about the language you’re studying…think of the word love…it’s only a little word…but it means so much to you.  What is the word love in your new language?  Can you give it the same sort of feeling and passion?  Focus on the word love in that language and feel the effect that it’s beginning to have on you.

This word (Use the actual word if you know it) is your new key word for post hypnotic conditioned response.  Whenever you think of that word in your mind… I’d like you to couple it up to a sensation of touching your ring finger with your thumb…do this now…and just think of your key word…the translation of love in the language you’re learning…and notice the excitement you feel inside of having this new tool to help you with learning that language.

Because in the future…whenever you think of that word in your mind…and touch your ring finger with your thumb…you will not only feel this excitement again…you will also enter this heightened state of awareness…the Alpha Theta brain wave level that allows you to learn your language easily and effortlessly.

I’d like you to use this new response that we’ve set up…regularly…because each time you do use it…it becomes more effective and more powerful for you…and your mind is open and receptive and understands everything that it needs to understand to make learning this language fun and easy for you.

When you are studying your language you will understand the concept of how that word is built…the gender of the noun if that is applicable…the correct use of verbs and adjectives…and the way that the sentences are put together.  You form mental images of how the words look and your mind absorbs and understands everything that you hear and see when you’re using these words.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re speaking or listening…reading or writing your new language…your post hypnotic conditioned response becomes more effective and powerful for you…and you amaze people with the speed at which you learn this language…it all seems so natural to you.

When you’ve finished studying or conversing in the language of your choice…you may want to return to a normal level of conscious awareness…and you can do so easily by counting to five.  But don’t forget how to set up your new response…the word love in the language of your choice…and the light touch of your thumb against your ring finger…is all that you need to do.

And in a moment I’m going to count from one to five and at the count of five you’ll be wide awake.  Your mind and body returning to normal conscious awareness.  You will have beautiful feelings flowing through your body, calm and peaceful thoughts flowing through your mind. You will be pleasantly surprised as to how easy it becomes from now on to master this new language.

Therapist Count back now in your own style.