Jimmy Petruzzi


Jimmy Petruzzi



“ Jimmy is a great person to talk to, he has lots of experience to share, Watching him demonstrate techniques was fantastic and clearly proved they can work”


“Supportive, friendly, clear, passionate about subject. Great at examples techniques, patient, very inspiring”


“ Extremely knowledgeable  with plenty of examples to share with audience”


“ Excellent !  open and flexible to view points and areas of concern. Demonstrates great understanding of material”


“ Clearly has a lot of experience and credibility in his field. Approachable, and very helpful, plenty of guidance”


“ Very impressive demonstrations”


“ Very impressive demonstrations and helpful one to one”


“ Good use of real experiences, very approachable”


“ It is very clear Jimmy is extremely knowledgeable, I could listen to him for hours”


“Lots of experience willing to share it”




“ I originally thought that I was doing the NLP Practitioner to help my clients in my personal training business. I have since realised  that I had far more of my own issues that needed resolutions. I can honestly say that I have dealt with some long standing demons and I am leaving the course feeling like I can take control of my future. Thankyou very much, its been life changing”


“  Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to improve their personal performance”


“ I would most surely suggest anyone interested in doing NLP to learn with NLP Centre of Excellence”


“ Absolutely fabulous, Really enjoyed it”


“ Heard a lot about NLP and Hypnotherapy, etc but didn’t  really understand what the topics were about. Many misconceptions, this course not only gave me a very good understanding of the subject but practical tools to use in the future, Should have done years ago”