nobody controls you or your destiny…except you

Stop Alcohol

You know, deep inside yourself, that you are your own master, that nobody could ever control you, and that therefore you can be whatever you want to be…you know that nobody controls you or your destiny…except you…because you have free choice and can make your own decisions for yourself in your own time…and because of this, you are going to decide for yourself when to actually become a non-alcoholic drinker…and its nobody’s business but yours when to decide this should be…and l cannot know when you’ll make this decision…l can only wonder when it will be…whether it’s today or tomorrow…whether it’s some time after that…or whether it’s right now, right at this very moment, but privately and in your own mind, as you just … relax….I cannot know when that decision will be made, but l do know that you will make that decision for yourself…when the time is right for you to make that decision…and l do know that when you’ve made that decision, then that natural tenacity of, that natural ability to stay with a decision you’ve made, is going to make it easy, almost ridiculously easy in fact , to simply STOP the ALCOHOL habit for good…When the time is right for you, whether that time is today, right now, or tomorrow, or some time after that, you’re going to find it so easy to make that decision to quit and even easier to stay with that decision…and you’re going to get a whole lot of pride and pleasure from the ease, with which you simply decide to do it. Then simply do it…a huge amount of real pride and pleasure when…[Depends on goals] e.g. [stop smelling like stale pub ] [or say, ] you are now a serious non alcohol drinker. This is something you are going to decide for yourself, in your own time, when you want to do it…something you will pursue single-mindedly so that you are completely indifferent to other people’s opinions of your decision to quit the habit, whatever those opinions might be…others will simply be unable to change your mind by whatever methods they seek to use. because this is something you want for yourself and you are going to find that your determination is utter and complete and when you make that decision that you and you alone are going to make, to become a non-drinker, you’re going to just know…deep inside yourself…that you are going to find it easy…that you can deal with what used to be a problem with absolute ease and control, so that something which you privately thought might be difficult is going to turn out to be easy, Ridiculously easy…in fact…so easy that you actually become a source of inspiration to others…It’s not necessary for you to attempt to work out or guess when the moment is right for you to make your decision to quit the ALCOHOL habit for good…you’ll just suddenly know when the time is right to do it…and you will not even  try to do it before that time…because it’s important that you do not…do it until you just KNOW that…the time is now…and you will know when that time is right…and that moment can be at any time and may even have already passed…and when…the time is now

You’ll be a NATURAL NON-Alcoholic person from that very moment onwards.