NLP Anchor

  • Do you have a favourite song, or is there a song that gives you goose bumps every time you listen to it. Or it takes you back to a certain time or event. Or it shifts your mood into a certain way, to being happy, confident, calm, relaxed.

    When you think about it, how does that happen, how can a song have that effect. It might be just a song, like any other song, words, and music, to one person. Though to you it produces a certain feeling, it might be because it was played at a specific time i.e. you were on holiday. Or the song was played as a soundtrack to a film, or the music is up lifting, possibly the lyrics mean something to you.

    So whilst one person might hear the song and it doesn’t mean a great deal or elicit any powerful feelings or emotions, to you it may elicit certain feelings and emotions and even represent and stand for …………………….

    So when you listen to the song it is all the representation’s that attach the song to the music and lyrics. It encapsulates a moment or an experience or a set of feelings that a released the moment you hear it.


    A song, just like many other things in the world we live in, are what we call anchors. An Anchor is a sensory stimulus linked to a specific set of experiences and states.

    An anchor is linked to our sensory experience, it can be linked to something we see, hear, feel, taste, or smell.