ICE Breakers

ICE Breakers

Get audience involved by saying I have to test your intelligence by doing some spelling. We use easy words so you will all be ok; everyone of average intelligence can do this.

Involve them by spelling out loud SILK say loudly S…I…L…K… spells SILK great now say it louder as I raise my arm (repeat a few times)

Then tell them to answer this question very quickly…What do cows drink? Quickly now answer me.  You will get a few who say MILK then realisation hits them.


As above but spell COAST or ROAST. Repeat as above and then ask

What do you put in a toaster? Many will shout out TOAST!


As above but spell FLOP…CROP…SLOP…Repeat as above then ask…What do you do when you see  GREEN LIGHT.. Quickly now, answer me. Hopefully you get STOP. However if they say Go, just congratulate them and tell them they will do really well on the course as they are above average intelligence.


How many Fs are there?

Finished files are the
result of years of scientific
study combined with the
experience of years.




How many ‘F’s?


It is easy to miss the finer
points in life. Folk are
frequently guilty of falling
into this trap.



Instruct group to stand up and extend right arm out at shoulder level being careful not to hit the person next to you as they might hit you back.

Now form your Thumb and Index Finger into an ‘0’ (demo like this)

And when I tell you to I want you to very quickly bring that ‘0’ in and stick it onto your chin. (Have your arm extended as they are and shout NOW DO IT and even quicker than them bring your ‘0’ onto your right cheek and wait and see what happens. (Many will follow you and laugh when they eventually notice)

Ad-lib as required