The new behavior generator: Jimmy Petruzzi

The new behavior generator:

The new behavior generator is a very useful tool on generating new behaviors and abilities and solving problems.

To use to new behavior generator these are the steps:

  1. Describe a behavior or ability you would like to attain or improve and start of with positive internal dialogues such as “I will do this or I can do this!”
  2. Enter the Visual construct  usually easiest to be a movie and imagine yourself doing this new ability or behavior, make adjustments until you are completely happy.
  3. Now we enter (k)  mind set and step into the movie, in this way we can build sensory representations of how these behaviors or abilities would feel to our senses to complete. Make further adjustments until you are completely happy with how you feel.
  4. Now we must extensively future pace our ability, once again entering a visual construct to imagine our self doing the desired behavior or skill in at least 3 different opportunities in the future.