Good Health




Good Health

Induction of own choice

And as you continue to drift deeper relaxed and deeper and deeper relaxed, you realize your thinking has a profound effect upon your health. Your thoughts will, can, and do affect your general well being. So, where you previously thought of yourself as unhealthy, you now replace these negative thoughts with positive ones, of radiant health, youth, vim, vigour and vitality. Immensely enjoying all that life has to offer. Realizing, that illness, both real and imagined, can result from life’s day to day stresses. You now resolve to learn how to handle such stresses, if they apply to you. You tackle those areas of your life that need improvement with confidence and resolve. Sending all of those principals of peace and relaxation that you learned, into all the areas of your life, you become a more calm, healthy and relaxed person. If you have a sentiment that is painful, harmful or frightening, you resolve to go to a doctor. If you doubt the doctor’s diagnosis, you get a second, even a third medical opinion. Then if the doctors can find nothing wrong, and you are convinced that you are ill, consider very seriously, the possibility that you are mentally exaggerating or imagining the seriousness of the symptoms. You do not enjoy such stress; you realize that you can do something about it. You are determined now; to building a lifestyle, that prides itself with nurturing attention, personal achievement and other satisfactions in your every day life. This makes it quite unnecessary for you to continue to hide yourself in sickness, not because I say so, but because you say so and this is the nature of your mind. Your subconscious mind is now directed to produce whatever chemical is necessary to heal your body. Each and every day, in every conceivable way, you grow more relaxed, feeling younger, having more energy and feeling better than the day before. Your joints are flexible; your immunization system works, as it should, to keep you free from diseases. Your arteries are soft, normal and pliable, as the blood rushes through them carrying, the healing and life keeping elements of oxygen. Your blood pressure remains normal and your heart beats easily and effortlessly. You realize now, the creator has presented you the world’s most wonderful machine, your own body.

This miracle machine has its own non stop motor, the heart, its own fuelling system, the digestive tract, its own filtration system, the kidneys, its own thinking system, the brain, its own temperature control, and the sweat glands. It is the most remarkable piece of equipment. It even has the power to reproduce itself, so take extra care, and pay extra special attention of your body and your physical, mental and emotional well being. And because of this, you find yourself applying certain habits to every day life, you resolve to devote a portion of each day to improving your health, you devote a portion of your day to improving your mind also. And each and every day, find yourself engaging in some moderate exercise and enjoying it so very, very much. You go to bed at a regular, reasonable hour, so as to get the required amount of sleep. You now eat good wholesome foods, you don’t over eat, you don’t over indulge in foods, you don’t have any food that you know is not good for your health. While you are eating, you imagine, for instance the rejuvenating power, which the minerals and vitamins in the food, release into your glands and organs. And you imagine this very power at work for you, and, when you breathe, you breathe deeply, feeling the life giving qualities of the air flooding every cell and tissue. You can actually feel this life, filling your entire body knowing that these things are happening each and every moment of each and every day. You also find yourself observing common sense rules about cleanliness; never allow drinking to become a problem. Use this question as to how many drinks you can have or can handle and realizing that an ounce


of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You resolve to consult your dentist and your doctor for periodic check ups. You also take time, each and every day for some sort of recreational relaxation, to balance your day with work and play. developing more and more now, habits that are conducive to making you think better and feel better. Becoming the person, you want to be, can be, and deserve to be. Each and every day in every conceivable way, your health gets better and better. You no longer accept negative attitudes that detract from health; you are adaptable and changeable

when necessary. You constantly visualize and imagine, conceive yourself being in perfect health, always radiating youth, vim, vigour and vitality and loving your life, each and every day of it. Finding new beauty in each and every thing around you, friends, and family. and changing the things in your life that you want to change, understanding that things you cannot change and knowing the difference.

In a moment, I well count from one to five. when I say the number five, your eyes will open and you will be wide awake. counting now…one. coming up more and more, feeling wonderfully good about yourself…two…completely and totally relaxed…three…you are perfect in every way, physically and mentally perfect, four…your eyes feel clear, and refreshed, now, on number 5…open your eyes, take a deep breath, stretch and feel refreshed and alert. Five…eyes wide open. feeling awake. alert, wonderfully refreshed, and have the best day you can possibly have.