Be the Best you can be




           Be The Best You Can Be

                                            With Jimmy Petruzzi




7 Steps to Achieving Excellence


1: Mental state

Physiology and Mental State-Who are you at your best-Analyses Success



2: Don’t take things personally

Everybody sees things differently



3: Don’t take your stuff out on other people

Take Responsibility-Address problems to the problem Solver



4: Stay focused

Control the Controllable-Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- Take Good Out of Bad-



5: Communication

Positive Self Talk- Praise- Communicating with people Small words that go Along Way



6: Game head

Stay on Top of your game- Reactive – Proactive- Where do you spend your time?

Focus 10% on problems 90% on Solutions-



7: Enjoy the value you create

Take Pride in what you Do- Lead by Example- Be a Winner- Enjoy the Journey-Team Work Divides the Task-Have Fun