Now as you continue to relax more and more deeply, just allow yourself to float across time and space. And in a moment, your unconscious mind is going to take you, to a very special place, a place associated with tremendous feelings of peacefulness, and tranquillity, and safety. It may be a place you have been before, or some special place you find yourself in for the first time. And you can just allow such a place to spontaneously come into your awareness now. And as you find yourself there; give yourself the opportunity, to experience all the refreshing feelings of calm, and contentment, and security and happiness associated with this wonderful place. And I’m not sure whether you’d rather just sit and rest back, and look at everything around you, or if you’d rather walk around and explore this special place, that’s here right now, just for you. And I don’t know for sure what are the things that will stand out for you, whether it will be the sounds, or will it be the sights, or will it simply be the beauty of it. Perhaps you will especially enjoy the sensations and feelings as you touch things, and perhaps even the smells will be unusually pleasant.

And I wonder if you have already begun to notice the fact, that as you just experience and enjoy this special place, you soak up and absorb these tranquil feelings. And you can just allow feelings of deep contentment, and peace, and calm, to flow, all through you, to all parts of you, allowing all parts of you to experience these soothing feeling. And as each moment passes in this special place, these wonderful, invigorating feelings increase, and become more a part of you. And you can just savour this place, and allow yourself to enjoy it, knowing that your enjoyment of it can be heightened, with every moment that you spend here. And as you rest here and recharge your batteries, this experience may remind you of other places and experiences where you’ve felt a sense of serenity, a sense of contentment, a sense of wonder, and filled with peaceful feelings.


And in this place of serenity and security, things can come into perspective. You can be aware of actual feelings, with a correct sense of proportion, free from the distortions of mood or circumstances, As you rest in this place, things come into proper perspective And in this special place, independent of anything, you can receive what you most need right now.

Your unconscious mind knows what you most need. And I don’t know just how you will receive that. It may be that you’ll receive a new perspective, or just find yourself feeling differently.

Now, you can remain in this special place for as long as you need. You can remain in this place of contentment, tranquillity, and security, for as long as you need, recharging your batteries and soaking up these feelings, receiving what you need. And there is something that is going to be embedded and remain in your mind: you will know that you can return to this special place of yours, whenever you need or want to. You will know that whenever you need to rest, or replenish your strength and energy, you can return to this special place.

And when you are ready you can drift back through time and space, bringing these wonderful feelings and this sense of perspective with you. And you’ll awaken well; refreshed, alert and clear-headed. Now, as I stop speaking, you can continue in this place, receiving what you need, for as long as you like, or you could return to full conscious awareness NOW!