Testimonials, Feedback NLP Practitioner Coach Course January 2012



Sara lou Ann Jones


“ excellent”


“very good,  knowledgeable, skill and passion for what you do comes through”


“ good pace and easily understood instruction on techniques”

“ very structured, methodical and practical approach that nurtures you from step to

step. Good voice projection intonation, very knowledgeable “


Jimmy Petruzzi


“ Very knowledgeable laid back approach, very passionate about subject”


“ humble, modest, knowledgeable, though provoking”



“ Good humour”



Course Testimonials:


“ Course exceeded my expectation and bonus of on going support and guidance”


“ A really enjoyable eye opening course that has set me on the right track to self improvement”


“I will recommend to all my friends good value for money”


“ Thankyou very much for the guidance”


“ Course trainers are excellent,  well paced and informative. Brought about personal change as well as personal development”



“ Yes, I felt that I am able to adopt the techniques and skills learned to both work and personal situations”