Weight Reduction

Weight Reduction

I use this by getting clients subconscious to repeat silently, internally and agree to use all the positive suggestions, more or less…Say something like…I now ask the sub conscious mind of […] to listen to the positive suggestions I am going to make and to repeat them silently, internally after me and use them all more or less to help […] achieve his/her goal.

I am dissatisfied with my weight as it now stands.  I desire to become strong and slimmer.

I want to become slimmer. Because I want to become slimmer, my appetite is now easily satisfied with a much smaller quantity of food than I have become accustomed to.

I know that my body needs food, so I enjoy eating small quantities at a time.

I enjoy a single slice of dark, coarse bread. I enjoy eating vegetables and fruit.

I enjoy eating all the bodybuilding foods, which give me strength and a proper balance of minerals and vitamins. My body already has in storage an abundance of fat; my body has no need for additional fat.

My body is now ready to use this fat that I have stored up.

As this fat is used, I feel the way I want to feel; strong, energetic and vigorous.

Because my body has no need for fat now, I have no appetite for sweets and starches.

I have no desire for butter or cream. I dislike ice cream, I dislike sweets and pie, and I have no desire for cake. I do not like potatoes or white bread.

My dislike for these foods is becoming so great that soon it is impossible for me to eat them. My body has no need for these foods right now.

My tastes correspond to the real needs of my body. Foods that are not needed are actually unpleasant to me.

I now find that I enjoy eating the foods that my body needs.

I eat slowly. I take smaller bites; I relish each bite as I chew it.

I now take time to, actually, taste the flavour of the foods that I eat.

I am rediscovering the subtle taste of different food.

A very small quantity makes me feel full and satisfied.

I enjoy the taste of the leafy and green vegetables.  I enjoy the taste of fresh fruits.

I enjoy all of these, so much, that a very small quantity fills me up

I do this because I want to feel stronger and healthier.

I do this because I want to be well. I desire to be strong, vigorous and healthy. That desire is so great that it easily and unconsciously controls my appetite; and I automatically eat only the foods that my body needs in the quantities that my body requires. You will be surprised and amazed just how effective these suggestions are going to be and how much they will become a part of your everyday life, making you an effective and successful person. You are now going to start a good and positive approach toward food and eating. As you initiate this good, positive attitude toward food, you will enjoy your food. You will create a permanent positive change in your eating habits. From now on, you will prove to yourself that eating only what you need will entirely satisfy you. Instead of trying to kill your appetite, treating it as an enemy, you are going to work within the framework of your inborn normal reflexes, making a friend of your appetite, paying attention to it; for this is a good thing. Slim people have appetites. They pay attention to them. Attractive people have appetites. They pay attention to them. You will make a friend of your appetite.  “In the past, you’ve been paying attention only to half the signal from your appetite. That’s the signal that says, Eat…however; you are now making a friend of your appetite. You listen to all of what your friend’s advice is. When it says, “I’m hungry,” you eat. When the hunger feeling first disappears, and your appetite says, “I’m satisfied,” you stop. You stop long before you’re full, because once you have the sensation of feeling full, it means that its time to stop. Slim people do well. Slim people say, “I eat all I want and I don’t gain an ounce.”