Jimmy Petruzzi

I have read through the manuscript and the book is excellent, throughout my
18 year playing career as a professional footballer I used all the
techniques mentioned. This is something that came naturally to me and had a
big effect on my journey playing professional sport, often using the
disappointments and setbacks of which there are many along the way (as all
athletes will testify) in a positive manner to drive me on and to achieve my
For those people who are not fortunate to have the natural gift and don’t
find it easy to get self motivated the various practical exercises explained
in the book will be invaluable not only to athletes but to anyone in life
who has goals and ambitions and want to be the achievers in life.

Andy Hill
Former Professional Footballer
Man Utd FC 1981-1984
Bury FC 1984-1989
Man City FC 1989-1995
Port Vale FC 1995-1998