Ideo-Motor Finger Signals

Ideo-Motor Finger Signals


After induction of choice

Method 1(This is the one I prefer and helps you to remember that each client is set up identically)

Once your partner is in trance simply lift or touch a finger and say this is your yes indicator and then lift or touch another finger on the same hand and say this is your no indicator. (For ease, I use Index finger for yes and little finger for no.)

Method 2

Using the dominant hand…Ask your partner to think of something they really agree with, and as they do keep thinking of the word YES YES.  While they are doing this, tell them one of their fingers will rise, lift, or twitch or may begin to have sensations as if a balloon was tied to it causing it to become lighter and lift up. Once a finger has lifted, thank the sub conscious mind repeat the process for the NO signal, this time thinking of something they disagree with and say NO, NO.

Method 3

Ask the client to close their eyes and think of the word YES, YES, YES and as they do so, to ask their subconscious mind to allow one of the fingers to move or lift or twitch all by itself with honest unconscious movement. Then repeat for NO. Remember to thank the subconscious after every movement.

NB: An extra I do not know finger can be set up if required at future sessions.

Whatever method you choose, I always complete this by saying something like…Your subconscious mind will always remember this finger is for Yes (Touch finger) and this finger is for No (Touch finger) and anytime you come to me for Hypnosis your subconscious mind will remember this.