Visual Questions    What picture do you have?
Number of images How many images in this picture?

Do you see them together or individually?

Movement in picture Is it a movie or still picture? Jerky, slow, fast or even speed
Colour or  B/W Are the image(s) in colour or black and white?
Brightness Is it brighter or darker than normal?
Focus Is the image focussed or unfocussed?
Border Does it have a border or a frame or does it fizzle out at the edges?
Associated or Disassociated Do you see yourself in the picture or are you outside looking in?
Type of picture Wide angled or centre weighted
Shape What shape is the picture? Square, Rectangle? Oval? Etc
Dimension Is it flat or 3D?
Distance How far away is the image? Obtain approximate distance
Size What size is the picture? Show me with your hands
Location Show me where the image is using your hands…close or distant?
Contrast Is it in contrast as clear or a bit vague?
Texture Is it Rough or Smooth? Glossy or Matt?
Detail What is the background/foreground detail? Do you see the details as part of the whole or do you have to squint or focus it?
Movement of image Is it fast, slow? Is it stable? What direction does it move in?
Perspective (If Disassociated) Do you see it from the Left or Right or Back or Front?
Number How many sounds are there? One or more than one?
Volume Is it loud or quiet sounding?
Tonality What is the tone like? Full, Thin, rich, Nasal?
Tempo Is it quick or slow?
Pitch Is it high or low?
Distinctive Characteristics Any sound more distinctive than others?
Duration Is it intermittent or continuous?
Intensity High…medium…low
Direction Which direction is the sound from? Is it inside or outside?
Rhythm What is the beat like?
Mono or Stereo Is the sound on one side or both or all around? More one ear or the other?
Location Where do you feel it? Point to the area or part of your body
Breathing rate Fast…medium…slow?
Pulse rate Fast…medium…slow?
Skin Temperature Hot…cold…warm
Shape If this feeling has a shape, what shape is it?
Weight or Pressure Heavy…light…mild…some…none
Intensity or speed Is it a strong or mild feeling?  Speed fast…slow?

Questions to Elicit Sub-Modality Differences

Pre-suppose there are submodalities. E.g. do not ask if they have a picture as that introduces doubt.