Setting Goals to get in shape

Setting Goals and Staying Motivated

“How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to”? 

 ~Anthony Robbins

You see whether you realise it or not goals are a fundamental part of achieving anything in life. The two choices you have is either you carry on leaving things to chance in your life or you take control of your life  in are way that brings you fulfilment, purpose and achievement.

I guess with setting goals comes the fear of not achieving them, which is understandable, imagine setting these awesome goals only to fall flat on your face and not achieve them, what then. Well I think the most amazing thing about setting goals, is the journey and sometimes we don’t achieve what we set out to achieve. We achieve something more significant, and more often than not in the process of working towards and achieving goals so many other possibilities and opened and in our life we achieve so much more than we set.

One of the key aspects of losing weight and keeping it off is setting goals, of the many thousands of people i have studied some of whom have lost weight and put it back on, some of whom have lost weight and kept it off, The people successful in keeping the weight of had a tendency to continuosly set goals and intergrate them into a life style plan, whether it was participating in dance class or running fun runs, changing what they would eat, it was a change in lifestyle and setting new challenges which helped people succeed.