Gesalt Dialogue


                                        Gestalt Dialogue

This is where you get clients to have a dialogue with significant others

(Cause of difficulty) at the time of the event or in present time.

Say…close your eyes and let your mind grow clear

When l count to three, your [Mother, Father, Object] is seated in a chair

in front of you.


I now invite your [Mother, Father, Object] to join us.

Now say something like…there sits your [Mother/ Father/Object]

I want you to talk to him/her. What do you call him/her? Mum /mummy etc

Say…Dad/Mum l want to talk to you about my true feelings. Now tell /him/her.


Now when that is said l want you to change places. Say…

Be the father/mother. Answer your son/daughter who has just said this to you

(Feed back words as per demo)

Change back…Be the [client relationship] [son/daughter] and reply to [mum] [dad]

Get a dialogue going and watch how it develops, prompting when necessary.

When enough has been said and you recognise this, ask if they have said

enough to each other and if so check current emotion against starting emotion.

Then ask if it is ok to let [Father/mother] leave now?


Body Part Dialogue

Let your mind grow clear. Separate yourself, be the head and be the neck.

Be the pain in your neck. Talk to your head.








Inanimate Object

Client; l say yes to everything, l am a doormat

Therapist; Be a doormat…give your doormat size, shape, colour, purpose and function. Talk to doormat.



Client….I feel fearful

Therapist…Describe the fear.

Put the fear in the chair be the fear and describe yourself.

Ask questions…[What do you want?] [How can I get you to change?]

[How can l get rid of you?]

Fear replies; I keep you [Stuck]…[Vulnerable]…[Safe] [Scared] [I protect you]

Client; What are you keeping me [Safe] from? What do you [Need] me for?

Fear; You need me to [Hold you back] [Keep you stuck] [Protect]

Therapist; tell client to be [Clients name] heart. Talk to the fear.

Keep dialogue going until significant shift?