Beliefs with Jimmy Petruzzi



Suppose you have a belief that ‘you are unattractive or you’re not a clever person’. How would you react when someone approaches you and says, “You look very nice in that shirt or dress” “that was an intelligent point”? Depending on the circumstances, you may dismiss, discount or deflect their positive feedback. Internally you may think they have not looked at it in detail and when they do they will find something wrong and change their opinion. Suppose all day, people tell you that you you’re attractive or you’re clever – do you really hear them? Not likely! And then one person points out that your nose looked a bit big on those holiday pictures, or the point you made at work last week was bit odd. Does this resonate for you? You bet it does! It verifies your belief about yourself. From a ‘filter’ perspective, you have deleted and distorted the positive feedback and focused on the negative. What beliefs do you have about yourself, about others, about the world, that limit that you can be or what you can accomplish?