Mind Reading Exercise


Mind Reading Exercise                          

 As an exercise to Develop sensory Acuity


  1. Gather factual information


Spend 5 minutes interviewing a partner, to elicit factual information about them.


  1. Calibrate Yes and No


Ask three questions you know will be answered yes. For example is your partner Joe Bloggs, a married man living in Manchester with his wife, Michelle, three children, Tom, Dick and Harry, and one dog, a poodle, you might ask:

Is your name Joe Bloggs?

Do you live in Manchester?

Are you married?


Then ask three questions you know will be answered no such as:


Is your name Bob Walker?

Is your wife named Maureen?

Do you have 5 Alsatians?


Watch the changes in the facial expression, body posture, and breathing as your partner finds the answer. Notice and remember unconscious visible response to yes questions and compare them to those for the no answers. Be aware of the differences in breathing, skin colour, lower lip, and minute muscle movements. Continue to alternate yes and no questions until you feel confident you know the difference in that persons responses.


  1. Mind Read Test

When you are sure you can tell the difference, identify some closed questions to which you do not know the answers. For Example:


Did you study at University?

Did you have long hair when you were twenty?

Did you play in a band?

Have you been to France?

Did you once own a motorcycle?

Ask your partner the questions- their job is to silently process the answer to each question.


Guess the answers using your new-found extra sensory perception,

Then check them out.