Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of the Past

 (Post induction & deepener script to remove emotional attachment to the past)

“And as you continue to become more relaxed with each relaxing breath, your desires allow change, and your desires are stronger than ever before. Change is constant and continual, with every passing moment there is change. Change in the length of your hair, the cells in your body, blood and tissue. Muscle and thoughts. Change is good! Change is welcomed because change means progress. If you do what you have always done you will get what you always got. But you are now making the changes at a deep level of understanding and acceptance in order to become healthier in all ways as you let go of the past in any way that is needed for your progress.

You have learned and know that the greatest things are those we cannot see, all the wonders of life and life itself: feelings, thoughts, imagination, all of life and all of this is energy. It is unseen energy that beats your heart, creates your most wonderful thoughts and is the love and happiness you feel. There have been lingering energies that you can now let go of, because even at a younger age, we let go of those things we don’t need, unwanted, letting go of energy that has served its purpose but is over now. Like the energy in your thoughts and behaviours once used to wear diapers, now gone, but the memory and all memory remain, without the emotional attachment or need for the old behaviour…like leaving behind now and always, the behaviour of excessive eating, or any unwanted bad habit, or negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, it’s all old, over and done now. (If you have a recording of a gong, it is very beneficial to use at this time) Imagine a large gong, a big gong, supported by a stand, with the centre painted black, the area the mallet strikes. And like that gong, anytime there is an impact of energy, it is at the strike, the time something happened. But imagine now, the mallet striking the gong, the loud sound from the impact of the strike, at the centre, the actual time of the event of the strike. As you watch the gong and hear the sound fade as the energy of the strike reaches the outer edges…you are very aware of how energy works. The only real impact is when the event happens, the striking of the centre. The event is over but the energy from the strike continues on, toward the outer edge of the gong,

BUT…as the energy moves on, as time passes, the energy gets weaker and weaker, until it fades. How easily and simply we can stop the impact of the strike as time passes. We could gently squeeze the gong with a hand and stop the energy, ending the sound, the result of the strike. As time has passed, the energy of any negative feeling, thought or behaviour from your past has become weak, easy to stop, fading away now. Imagine how any time or event that was unpleasant and created an unwanted, illogical and irrational response, like any behaviour, harmful or negative in any way, you now let end, fade and stop, because time has passed and that energy, slow and weak has no effect on you any longer, as you now strongly desire this to be.

You have seen the same response of energy even as a child when tossing a pebble into a calm pond or lake, watching the ripples of the impact of the pebble breaking the surface, fading and becoming smaller and weaker, as time passed and the ripples ended, that’s right, fading and ending. As the water’s surface became calm again, easily and naturally, time allowed the impact of the event to pass. You now remain like calm water as all past negative energy, thoughts, feelings, actions and behaviours now change, the ripples fading and ending, to be more positive, calm, confident and supportive for you and your goal to be healthy in mind, body and spirit, now, and always.