Occupational Stress Test


Occupational Stress Test

Rate the following questions in terms of how often the symptom is true for you during the past three months

0=Never 1=Occasionally 2=Often 3=Too Frequently 4-Almost Always

___1.   I feel little or no enthusiasm for doing my job

___2.   I feel tired even with adequate sleep

___3.   I feel frustrated carrying out my responsibilities

___4.   I am moody, irritable or impatient over small inconveniences

___5.   I want to withdraw from the constant demands on my time and energy

___6.   I feel negative, futile or depressed about my job

___7.   I believe my decision-making ability is reduced or reducing

___8.   I think I am less efficient than I should be

___9.   I feel my work is of a lower quality than I previously produced

___10.  I feel physically, emotionally or spiritually depleted

___11.  I feel I have less resistance to illness

___12.  I have less or no interest in sex

___13.  I am eating more/less. Drinking more coffee/tea. Smoking or drinking more. Using drugs

___14. I am emotionally callous about the needs and problems of others

___15.  I have less or have difficulty communicating with my boss/colleagues/family

___16.  I am forgetful

___17.  I am lacking concentration or have less than I feel I should have

___18.  I am easily bored and or distracted

___19.  I feel a sense of dissatisfaction, of something missing or wrong

___20.  I awaken each day and ask myself why I get up for work; the only answer is “The money”



Score 0-20 you are probably coping adequately with your job

Score 26-40 you are suffering from job stress and need to take preventative action

Score 41-55 you need to take preventative action to avoid job burnout

Score 56 + you are already on fire and burning out. You must develop a comprehensive job coping strategy plan