Calm Switch

Calm Switch

Tell client to close their eyes or use an Induction.      

1.     Say e.g.…Remember a time when you felt calm, really, really calm. Fully return to it now…see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel how good it felt. (Say e.g.)…If you cannot remember a time, imagine how good it would feel If you were very confident and had all the power and strength and self-belief you could ever need.

2.     As you keep going through this memory…make the colours richer and bolder…the sounds louder and clearer and the feelings stronger.

3.     As you feel those calm relaxed feelings increase, squeeze the thumb and middle finger of right hand together.

4.     Now really squeeze the thumb and middle finger together and relive that good feeling.

5.     Repeat steps one to five several times with different calm relaxing memories until just squeezing your thumb and finger together brings back those good feelings. (Alternatively, say)…you will notice as you touch finger and thumb together that instantly those calm relaxed feelings return now.

6.     Still holding finger and thumb together, think of a time or situation in which you used to feel stressed. Now imagine things going perfectly, going exactly as you want them to and feel how good that feels to be much calmer and in control of the situation.

7.     Still holding finger and thumb together, imagine a few challenging situations occurring and notice yourself handling them all easily and just in the way, you wanted. Notice how good that feels to be calm and in control

Each time you repeat this exercise it will become easier and easier to experience feelings of calm and relaxation ‘at your fingertips’