Induction of choice


As you continue to relax, drifting deeper and deeper relaxed, letting go more and more with every easy breath you take, breathing relaxation in and any tension out. In a moment I am going to present some suggestions to your subconscious mind, suggestions which you will find beneficial and of immense help to help you become the more assertive person you wish to become.

These are positive suggestions to be used when you are in the waking state. Act upon these good suggestions; use them all more or less from this moment on.

You may remember these suggestions or just simply remember to forget them. It makes no difference, because the subconscious mind remembers everything, not because I say so, that’s simply the nature of your subconscious mind. Now l want you to see another you in front of you, a you that has all the qualities you desire. How does that other you see? How does that other you hear? How does that other you speak?

When you are happy with the other you, step out of your body and into the other you, see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and speak through their mouth using their voice. Now spend a few moments acting as the other you does, in the way that you know you want to as I give both of you some good suggestions.

See yourself as a much more assertive person, able to say NO when you mean NO. Able, to stand up for your own rights. Yet always, polite and kind and able to say NO when you mean NO. Able, to




make your thoughts known. Let people know what you are feeling, letting them know that you have a mind and thoughts and ideas.

You are able now to give yourself permission to change anything in your life that you want to change, also understanding that which you cannot change and accept this.

Whenever you want to change something or have your view heard you tell people exactly what you want to, in a polite yet firm way, as this other you is able to.

In a discussion with someone and you do not agree with what is being said or proposed, after listening politely to the other person’s ideas or views. Politely saying I hear your views and understand what you are saying, however, I would like to propose my views and explain the reasons for them, we can then discuss this further before making a final decision or if you have been asked to do to much see yourself able to say NO and mean it whether this is in a business or a social situation.

You know now that making yourself heard and understood is important to you.

Think about a situation in the near future when you would like to be able to demonstrate your new assertiveness and have the other you run a movie through in their mind to a successful conclusion, take all the time you need, [just nod your head or give me a yes signal when you reach the end of the movie. Exclude this if using for a recording]. When you are ready, having seen, heard and spoken through the other you step out of that other you and back into your






own body, bringing with you those good feelings, those new feelings and thoughts with you into your own body.

Now take a moment as you continue to relax and see yourself at a point in the near future when you could use your new behaviour, knowing you are an intelligent person and you can remain calm and polite, yet able to make your point of view known or simply say NO and mean NO, spending a few moments explaining the reason you have to say NO.

Now run a movie through in your mind just as the other you did and see the event going exactly as you would want it to, staying calm and relaxed yet firmly getting your views across or saying NO and meaning NO. Pay close attention to your posture, your facial expression and listen to your voice as you engage in your new assertive behaviour. At the end of the movie I want you to run the same movie again, only this time as you begin to run the movie, your movie, step into it and see what you see, hear what you hear including your own voice, feel those feelings, real feelings as you engage in your new behaviour and this time make any adjustments or improvements you want to in order to make your behaviour just right for you.

At the end of the movie just relax a little bit more as your subconscious mind makes the adjustments only your subconscious knows how to and your subconscious now records your new assertive behaviour deep in your subconscious mind so that this becomes a permanent part of your subconscious mind and a permanent part of your every day life and that’s not because I say so, that’s because its just the way it is…isn’t it? (Bring back of choice)