Structuring a Successful Hypnotherapy Appointment

Structuring a Successful Appointment

with Jimmy Petruzzi



  1. If a client calls to enquire about booking a session, you need to get as much information as possible from the client about their problem and ask them about their main outcome for the sessions.


  1. Explain the price of the sessions and structure.

It is advisable to do research in to how much others in your area are charging for Hypnotherapy sessions (I usually recommend 3 sessions if a client wants to come for weight loss, one session every week for 3 weeks although every client is different, I charge £60 per session and offer a discount if they book all 3 sessions together. If it’s a smoking cessation session I usually do just the 1 session which can last up to 2hrs and I charge £150 for the session.)


  1. Email a questionnaire over to the client to get as much detail as possible from them about their problem. Ask the client to kindly email the questionnaire back to you before their session begins, this gives you time to get some background information on the clients problem and will help you to plan your hypnotherapy session. It will also point out on the questionnaire if there are any other areas that may need to be addressed throughout the session, any underlying issues that may be contributing to the problem. Also email over confirmation of their appointment details.


Upon receipt of the questionnaire you can add structure to how you want the first session to go. Take a look at a sample weight loss questionnaire below from a client looking to lose weight. Read it very carefully and take note of what you find.