When To Use What NLP

When To Use What NLP

 With Jimmy Petruzzi


Some suggestions for your benefit:


  1. When clients present an unwanted behaviour or habit – 6 Step Reframe. Swish. New Behaviour Generator. Anchoring. Strategies.


  1. When the client cant do an operation in a specific context but can in another:

Elicit successful strategy, moderate and apply for wanted context

Submodality Shift. New Behaviour Generator. Mapping across


  1. When client is stuck in the past

Anchoring. Timeline. V-K dissociation (Phobia Cure)


  1. When client demonstrates an old belief

Belief Change. Building, strengthening and installing resources. Visual Squash / Parts Integration Process


  1. When client comes with anxiety, fear or phobia:

Phobia Cure – V K Dissociation. Anchoring


  1. When client comes with a conflict

Visual Squash / Parts integration process. Parts Conflict Resolution.


  1. When client Is afraid of the future:

Future Pacing (Create Resourceful & Desired. Have client step into it, associate. Do not use V-K dissociation). Submodality Shift. Anchoring. Logical Levels.



Coaching – Use Meta Model questions to help client see their own limitations. Say “Tell me a bit more about that?” when they use a nominalization or indicate a limiting belief. Use Logical Levels and Well Formed Outcomes.


To access unconscious resources – when you believe the client has the ability or potential, but the client does not – use Milton Model language and/or Hypnotherapy.