learning styles questionnaire with Jimmy Petruzzi


    VAK learning preferences questionnaire


This questionnaire will help you to get a clearer picture or better sounding or let you get in touch with your sensory representation preference and can help you understand how you learn, how you think, and how you communicate.  Answer the 10 questions below as spontaneously as you can and put a 1 in the box next to each answer you have chosen.  When you have answered all 10 fill up the scorecard below



1 When you contact people, do you prefer?

□   a.  Face-to-face meetings?

□   b.  Talking on the telephone?

□   C.  Getting together to share an activity (walking, golf etc.)?

2 What do you notice most about people?

□   a.  How they stand or move?

□   b.  How they look or dress?

□   c.  How they sound when they talk?

3 How do you learn most easily?

□   a.  Get verbal instructions?

□   b.  See someone to demonstrate what to do?

□   c.  Get hands-on experience?

4        When you are angry, do you:

□   a. Go very quiet and perhaps seethe inwardly?

□   b. Shout and let everyone know about it?

□   c. clench your fists, grit your teeth, storm off?

5        In conversation, do you:

□   a. Use a lot of gestures?

□   b. Enjoy listening but get impatient to talk?

□   c. dislike either talking or listening for too long?

6        When you have many things to do, do you tend to:

□   a. Make lists for yourself or imagine doing them?

□   b. Keep reminding yourself that you have things to do?

□   c. Feel uncomfortable until all or most of the things are done?

7        When you are reading, do you:

□   a. Prefer action stories, or tend not to read much?

□   b. Enjoy descriptive passages, imagine scenes clearly?

□   c. Enjoy dialogue, hear characters speaking?

8        How is your memory? Do you tend to:

□   a. Remember names, words and numbers?

□   b. Forget names but remember faces?

□   c. Remember best the things you’ve done?

9        When you have leisure time, do you prefer to:

□   a. Watch TV, a video, or go to the movies?

□   b. Do something physical or athletic?

□   c. Listen to music, radio, or read books?

10      What would make you suspect that someone was lying to you?

□   a. The way they look or avoid looking at you?

□   b. Their tone of voice?

□   c. A feeling you get about their sincerity?

Score sheet

      Col 1    Col 2    Col 3
1 a   b   c  
2 b   c   a  
3 b   a   c  
4 a   b   c  
5 c   b   a  
6 a   b   c  
7 b   c   a  
8 b   a   c  
9 a   c   b  
10 a   b   c  

Interpreting your score

Column 1 contains visual modality answers, Column 2 is auditory, and Column 3 kinaesthetic.  The column with the highest score will indicate your preferred representational system


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