Live 11 minute segment of hypnosis classroom demonstration with Jimmy Petruzzi

feedback from session

Hi Jimmy

I would just like to say how much i enjoyed your training course yesterday. I’ve come away with some really positive and achievable ways to start to change my relationship with food for the better.


I don’t know if the hypnosis is supposed to work this quickly. But after a long day yesterday physically and mentally, normally i would come home and head straight for the fridge..And comfort eat..

I did head straight to the fridge, but the actual need wasn’t there. Which surprised me !  Through out the evening i kept going to the kitchen …More out of habit than anything else, but not coming out with any food.


I feel a lot lighter after yesterday ( not weight lighter unfortunately, just mentally) and I’m finding it hard to actually believe that just those 15 mins of hypnosis could of achieved such a tangible result!  I haven’t felt like this for years. Thank you.