Walt Disney’s Strategy NLP with Jimmy Petruzzi

Walt Disney’s Strategy

with Jimmy Petruzzi


Disney during planning his actions underwent three stages:

® dreamer,

® realist and

® critic


At the beginning he used to launch his imagination, stimulate it to create fantastic and exaggerated visions of his plans. He imagined i.e. wonderful, perfectly situated Disneyland with thousands of children and their parent visiting this colourful world of fairy miracles every day.

When he satisfied his ambitions with this vision he proceeded to the next stage.


Now, he wondered how many things he dreamt of was feasible. He considered whether he had enough resources, time and people and in what scale this enterprise was practicable. When he had the full picture of his aims he preceded to the last stage.


At this stage he tried to find potential obstacles and difficulties. He looked for weak points of his plan where the probability of failure was high.

As he had a full vision of his plans he could start its implementing or come back to th first stage and dream, dream and dream…