Implications of In Time / Through Time Configurations NLP with Jimmy Petruzzi

Implications of In Time / Through Time Configurations

with Jimmy Petruzzi

  • In Time
§         Through Time
Store time
  • From front (future) to back (past) or in such a way that part Time Line is inside them.
§         From left (past) to right (future) or in such a way that no part of the timeline is inside them and the timeline is in front.
Availability of past – present – future
  • Part of the past or future unavailable to them, unless they turn their head.
§         Past – present – future available in front of them.
Relationship between events
  • Tend to see events as a series of unrelated episodes.
§         Tend to see events as a series of related episodes; time is linear, continuous and uninterrupted.
Focus of attention
  • Tend to get caught up in the ‘Now’ and are less aware of the passage of time – may have difficulty ending meetings.
  • Tend to remain focused even in chaotic conditions.
§         May have problems focusing on the present moment.

§         Experience problems concentrating in chaotic environments.

  • Tend to be late, getting involved in the moment and losing track of time: 15 minutes late is reasonably on time.
§         Are on time, or know when they are late. Place a high value on punctuality, and feel bad about being late, even by 5 minutes.
Project work
  • Have a high need to reach a conclusion or complete things in the short term, like the start up phases of projects and achieving something now.
  • Avoid setting deadlines, or set artificially early ones.
§         Have the ability to see projects through to the end, and enjoy their completion.

§         Establish and work to realistic timetables, and expect others to adhere to deadlines.

  • Are poor at planning, and rarely think through the consequences.
§         Go through a lengthy decision making process, considering all the consequences. Use past experiences as references, which is fine if the memories are positive ones.
  • Enjoy the moment, living a less orderly, more spontaneous life. Like to keep their options open, resisting commitment and making decisions.
§         Tend to live a more orderly, decided and planned life.
  • Might use phrases like ‘Let’s put this behind us, and ‘I’ll look back on this and laugh’
§         Might use phrases like ‘Time is on my side’