NLP Spelling Strategy with Jimmy Petruzzi

NLP Spelling Strategy

with Jimmy Petruzzi

1) Place the correct spelling of the word in front of you so you can see it easily. If you can, place the word up and to your left.

2) Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think of something that feels familiar and relaxing. Tell yourself, “This is easy. I can do this.” When the feeling is strong, open your eyes and look at the correct spelling.

3) Move your eyes up and to the left and picture the collect spelling in your mind’s eye. (If you have difficulties use the Helpful Hints below.)

4) Open your eyes and see the word. (Repeat #3 and #4)

5) Look up at your mental image and spell the word backwards. Check the spelling. If incorrect, go to step #3.

Helpful Hints

1) Break the word into groups of up to three letters and build your picture group by group.

2) Make any unclear letters or groups stand out by making them look different than the others in some way – e.g. bigger, brighter, closer, a different colour, etc.

3) If the word is a person or a thing, picture that person or that thing and put the letters over it or under it like a caption.

4) Picture the word in your favourite colour.

5) If it is a long word, make the letters small enough so that you can see the whole word easily.

6) Trace the letters in the air with your finger and picture in your mind the letters you are writing. Say the letters to yourself while you do.