NLP Behavoural modelling

NLP modelling

with Jimmy Petruzzi

Identify someone who has skills or achievements that you admire – and present back with three or four ideas that will help both themselves and other members of the group improve their performance in whatever field is chosen.

The following is our ‘starter brief’ that can be used by almost anybody. Try it a couple of times and you may find that you have some very valuable skills in this area.

We suggest that there are at least three approaches to modelling.

  • Identifying people’s strategies or the sequence they go through to do something – normally using Meta model questions.
  • Getting ideas about how someone does something by asking questions based on Robert Dilts ‘Logical Levels’.
  • Using deep trance identification to take on a complete skill set. This is sometimes called ‘True’ NLP modelling.

For information, elicitation a strategy requires systematic questioning and observation. Begin by asking someone how they do something you would like to do. Identify each step by asking either ‘what happens before that?’ or ‘what happens after that?’. Remember many people will not be aware of their strategies so use your observation to notice changes in eye accessing, posture and breathing to help identify internal processing.

Firstly decide who you would like to model or what skills or capabilities you would like to develop. Remember NLP is about modelling the best – so set your sights high, you’ll be surprised who’ll see you if you don’t come over as genuinely interested. And there are lots of others to see if you don’t.

Mix and match the following question sets:


You’ve chosen someone because they’re good – so let them know, and keep any confidences that are important to them.

You have a reputation of being good at ‘communicating’ (adapt to your topic) are you happy that I ask you some questions about it?


Where and when do you do it?


What specifically do you do?

If you were going to teach me to do it, what would you ask me to do?


What skills do you have that enable you to do this?

How did you learn how to do this?


What do you believe about yourself when you do this?

What do you believe about the person you’re doing this to?


Do you have a personal mission or vision when you’re doing this?

Other questions

How do you know that you’re good at this?

What emotional and physical state are you in when you do this?

What happened for you to be good at this?

What are you trying to achieve when you do this?

Who else do you recommend I talk to this about?