Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi is a world renowned performance coach, NLP Expert. For over 15 years  he has worked and continues to work with many top professional soccer teams and individuals at national and international level in the English premiership and worldwide. He also works with international and Olympic athletes, top professional sports people, and consultant to sports organisations, associations, helping them achieve peak performance in all aspects of their lives. Over the past 15 years Jim has worked with 1000s of people world-wide, and is a sought after and highly regarded speaker for conferences and seminars internationally.

Jimmy is a regular columnist for several leading publications including ‘Peak Performance’, ‘Mens’ Fitness’, and appears regularly on the television news and sports related documentaries, on radio and in the press. He won the Highly Commended Award Coaching International and Domestic work in 2006.

Nominated for Britains top coach 2008

Author of Going for Gold

Going for Gold - Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi video

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