Managing Our Inner Dialogue

Managing Our Inner Dialogue
Inner dialogue is very noisy. It makes life miserable by creating a cloud of thought that is confusing and distracting. You assume that this commotion happening in the background cannot be gotten rid off. This is untrue. There is a way of managing the inner dialogue. You have to exercise control on it before you lose complete control of your life.
Here are a few steps to silence this ongoing background score which distracts you and prevents you from living your life:
Step 1: Sit in silence.
Step 2: Close your eyes.
Step 3: Carefully turn your attention towards the inner dialogue- the noises in you.
Step 4: Listen to what it is saying.
What did you find? If you have conducted this exercise in the correct way, then, you will note that when you did step four, you could hear nothing. The noise had magically disappeared! This is true. When you pay attention to the inner dialogue, it vanishes. And, the moment you have turned your attention elsewhere, these noises return.
Paying a little more attention to the inner dialogue will help you get rid of it. Through a regular day, if it is possible for you to look within yourself and turn your attention towards the cloud of thoughts a couple of times, then, the achieving moments of peace is possible.
But, by practicing this continuously this conflict can be tackled. Experiencing pure silence even if it is for a few seconds has a profound effect on the human psyche.
Well, it is simple; very simple when you read about it. Practicing this is just as difficult. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. But, it can be done. The principle that has to be remembered is: acknowledging this dialogue makes it disappear. This inner dialogue which is a result of all your beliefs, all the experiences and the resulting inferences which the mind draws need not be the truth. And, paying attention to the inner dialogue helps you realize this. And, this realization will open you to experiences that are no longer controlled by what has happened in the past. The inner dialogue no longer controls your behavior.