Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Get back on track in 2015

with Jimmy Petruzzi

The beginning of a new year is the best time to start fresh and get your life moving in the direction you really want. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or make, or whether you are just starting out or have a successful career, by opening yourself up to new possibilities through goal setting, you will start living the life you want.


As I was planning this session, I started to wonder how other people — specifically the people I admire who are getting big results in their business, and life— how they consistently get things done and how they plan and set their goals. Instead of just wonder, I reached out and asked them! Specifically, I asked some of the world’s leading people in field, business, coaching, therapists, writers, athletes and sport people, how they plan for the New Year. People I have had the privilege to work and have worked with:


Find your soul in your goal.

When you pursue a dream only for economic gain or to support your ego, you lessen its value. The satisfaction is fleeting. When you completely attach yourself to a goal, and know that it will fulfil your soul, the satisfaction lasts longer.


Many of us set unrealistic New Year’s resolutions. We may have great intentions, but soon give up when the going gets tough and results are not immediate. In our instant gratification world, it is hard to embrace the notion of “delayed gratification” where results take a while to achieve. But goals DO provide clarity and direction in our lives.


So that you get all your goals set so that you’ll be ready for the New Year. If you do so, you can hit the ground running and get your year off to a great start!


Take the Time to Focus on Your Life

During this session, I want you to take this time to really focus on your any aspect of your life you want to take to a new level, career, relationship, health. My vision for you is that you actually take these tips and strategies and put them to action right away.


Identify your true self along with your own unique passions, abilities, and sense of purposeFully capable of overcoming your challenges, accomplishing your goals, and realizing your dreams,


This seminar will help participants to achieve more of what they want at work and in their personal lives. The program provides techniques and processes for goal-setting and achievement while focusing on self-knowledge and self-management