social psychology

Through the studies conducted in the field of social psychology, researchers are able to understand the relationship amongst groups, minds and the behaviors of the people in those groups.

Social perception and attitudes have an effect on the behavior and mental processes of people in a group. How a certain person thinks about a specific thing or situation plays a crucial role in shaping their approach to the problem at hand. For instance, when a member of your group meets an accident, all the group members become negatively affected by his suffering. Every member reacts to this incident in his own way, but what is important that all the members are unhappy about this incident. This shows how people’s minds, behaviors, and groups are related to one another.

You need to study ‘group dynamics’ to comprehend the relationship amongst these three important entities: mind, group and behaviors. When two or more people become associated with each other via a social relationship, they form a group. Groups interact with each other, influence each other and share similarities with each other. People have roles in their groups, share relationships with each other and also follow certain norms and regulations.

Groups are significant as they provide support, assistance, comfort, resources and also help in bringing out the strengths of their members.