Exercise: Stress Test

Exercise: Stress Test


Please find below a test that could help determine your condition(s) of stress.

This test requires you to tick those symptoms that you suffer from.

At the bottom, total the number you ticked.

The next page will give you your results.


Stress Test:


Suffer from frequent headaches or migraines  
Often feel fatigued or worn out  
If awakened you find it difficult to fall asleep again  
Experience regular digestive upsets  
Grind your teeth  
Often engage in finger drumming  
Frequently catch colds or flu  
Drink more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day  
Suffer from chest pains  
Regularly experience tension in back of head or neck  
Mental attitudes are generally negative  
Easily get confused  
Make negative statements  
Find it difficult to concentrate  
Mind is often a whirl  
Frequently suffer from forgetfulness  
Experience of sense of isolation  
Suffer from loneliness  
Lash out at others  
Feel uncomfortable in interactions with others  
Often distrustful  
Often feel anxious  
Worry a lot  
Become easily discouraged  
Suffer from nightmares  
Easily become irritated  
Lack sense of humour  
Feel frustrated  
Feel no one cares  
Experience a sense of inner emptiness  
Life has no meaning  
The future looks bleak  
See very few positive things in life  
Have self-doubts about your work  
Constantly need to prove yourself  
Doubt your ability to succeed  
Have a morbid fear of death  






0-7 You are managing your stress level well.
7-15 Stress is starting to manifest itself. You should try to prevent your unproductive stress from progressing any further.
15-22 Your stress level could be a problem.  Find ways to reduce your stress levels.
22-37 You have a critical level of unproductive stress.  You may wish to seek stress counselling.