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Michael Smith
Awesome training by Jimmy Petruzzi, one of the top NLP Trainers around today! Jimmy took me all the way to NLP Master Practitioner and I learned a ton of new techniques and strategies, which I am using every day to great effect in both my personal and professional life. Highly recommended!
about a month ago
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Annie Chan Gantz awesome
December 1 at 3:37pm

John Twist
Really impressed with the NLP Diploma Training. Learned so much in a short time. Jimmy’s style of teaching is so relaxed and effective. Highly recommended
about a month ago
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Carl Norman
I can honestly say that I am truly overwhelmed by the support and advice that I have received from Jim, his knowledge is second to non and his helpfulness is off the scale, never mind 5 stars, it should be 10!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
about a month ago

Paul Oldham
Amazing course learnt a lot & was fun aswell
about a month ago
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Sarah Suthers
FANTASTIC course and truly inspirational .
about a month ago

Becky Rowe
The NLP Practitioner course is excellent. Highly recommended. I’ve come away with great skills & a forum to develop them further through the practice sessions. I feel like my life is full of new possibilities. I’ve gained clarity and identified new goals & ways to achieve them. That’s got to be good right?! Thanks Jim
about a month ago

Melanie Cooper
Fantastic training, I achieved so much and ticked so many things off my bucket list after learning about NLP with the Centre of Excellence. Thanks guys
about a month ago

Riz Saint Riz
Jimmy is an astounding trainer – presenting overwhelming concepts in bite size chunks, so it’s easy to understand and simple to put into practice with immediate affect and rapid results. Can’t thank you enough! Would definitely recommend and will most certainly be back soon for more advanced training!
16 hours ago

Simon Birkedale
Jimmy Petruzzi is an excellent trainer! Turning a subject that could get bogged down in theory, into a fast paced, interactive, results driven course. He provides you with straightforward, yet extremely effective techniques. These can be us…See More
about 3 weeks ago

Tony Basha
Highly recommended. Jim is one of the most gifted teacher’s i have met. i have done many coaching courses around the world, But i can honestly say these courses have helped me be the coach i am today. i am working with elite players thanks to Jim and his amazing courses. Great guy and very fun. thank you for giving me the opportunity.
about a month ago

David Go’shay
Was a really great enlightening experience learning life skills that i have put in practice every day since the very first session i took. I honestly wouldn’t be the person i was without these set of skills that i honestly believe everyone should not be without! I highly recommend attending the courses and truly studying and practising each skills thats how you get better.
about a month ago

Nicola Jayne Parker
I have recently completed NLP practitioner course with Jimmy and can honestly say it’s one of the best courses I’ve been. The course content was very in depth and jimmy was an excellent trainer. Everything was explained clearly and the practical element really helped embed the theory. Excellent course, excellent trainer and I will be signing up for the master practitioner programme without hesitation.
about a month ago

Karen Rogers
Great course with excellent trainer (Jimmy Petruzzi)
about a month ago

Dem Callisto
Great course delivered by the best Jim Pertruzi I highly recommend this course.
about a month ago

Nick Blake
Emotional Intelligence – How it works and how you gain by using it. Enjoyed this e-book. Found the information presented in a way that was easy to understand and I intend to use the exercise in my work place next week. This will be particularly interesting as we have a new team member. My only criticism is that the book could do with being looked over by a copy checker as there are several errors.
about a month ago

Lisa Fox
God knows why it gave you four stars, I definitely only highlighted one!
about a month ago

Derek Dolan
Jimmy Petruzzi is a brilliant trainer and a good guy. I have been on several courses with Jimmy and his extensive knowledge of the subjects he teaches shines through in his presentations. I would say that he has had a big impact on my life and I am most grateful to him for this.
about a month ago
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Farres Łuísnazáriodelimá Aoun
I attended Jimmy Petruzzi’s NLP seminars in Australia and over in the UK, and I have to say as a semi professional footballer I have learned so much about the psychological aspects of my game and it has really helped me push beyond and move forward into becoming a full time professional. Highly recommend Jimmy Petruzzi to all who want to excel in not only sports but life in general.
about a month ago

Gary Lavelle
Just completed the NLP Diploma course. Excellent two days with Jimmy who was thoroughly engaging and explained everything at an easy level to understand. Have already had contact to progress on the practioner course and other, looking forward to them already. Would recommend it for anyone with even the slightest interest in furthering themselves, whatever their background or career.
about a month ago

Marie Crowley
Great to see so many like-minded people making the time to meet up catch up and practice and develop their passion,See you in 2014
about a month ago

Lee Kearsley
Half way through the NLP Prac course and loving it. Like the structure and the fact we are getting loads of opportunity to practice the techniques immediately. Great delivery style Jimmy, nothing is too much trouble.
about a month ago


Colin Bell
I did my NLP Sports Practitioner training with Jim a few years back, and the entire training was enjoyable, educational and really engaging. Jim is an excellent teacher, and has subsequently gone way above and beyond, helping me with various career and personal development challenges. I have also been to a couple of the workshops, which have been equally educational and enjoyable. I would be more than happy to recommend the NLP Centre of Excellence to anybody.
about a month ago