nlp representational systems

  • What are Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic language styles – how to recognise them and use them to improve your communication skills?

Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic language styles are expressions of the way we individually process and describe information. Most of us use one of these internal systems more than the others. Once recognised they can be greatly beneficial at setting the foundations of building rapport. You are speaking the person’s language which means they don’t feel a need to have to explain themselves. You are able to see things from their position so to speak.

  • Visual – Sight. The person sees things in pictures and images. They may use language such as, it appears to me, looks like, I see what you mean
  • Auditory – Hearing. Describes their viewpoint by sounds for example; That rings a bell, to tell you the truth
  • Kinaesthetic – emotions, touch and bodily sensations. Uses phrases such as; control yourself, hold on, come to grips with yourself, cool/calm