nlp session

What are the key points to structuring an NLP session.

The key points to structuring an NLP session are:


Establish your credibility – congruence, state management, authority, command tonality.

2. Rapport

Establish rapport – responsiveness, understanding, friendliness, matching, positive body language/voice tone, using sensory acuity to decide on mirroring and matching techniques to use.

3. Away-froms

Establish/discover the problems that the customer faces to get a better understanding of their needs and to find some positive anchors to be used later.

4. Future Implications

Explore/ emphasise what will happen if they don’t make a change, and show them what will happen if they do.

5. Towards your proposed solution

Present your proposed solution. Use ‘because’ to give reasons to hit both towards and away-from values. Only present the benefits and features that are relevant to their perceived needs.