Testimonials Jimmy Petruzzi


“Jimmy is a truly excellent hypnotherapist and teacher of hypnotherapy. His stories about his life experiences with hypnotherapy are inspiring and motivating. I am very happy and honored that I was able to recieve training from Jimmy.”

 Gouri Laher, Student, Hypnotherapy Centre of Excellence

“Jimmy displays a high level of professionalism,is highly respected in the field of sports performance, utilising skills in NLP, Psychology, Fitness to excellent effect”

Jon Goodman, Director, Think Fitness

“I have found Jimmy’s work to be of the highest standard, the recommendations that directed me to him were fully qualified and the training he delivered greatly assisted me in taking my business forward.”

Steve Gordon
hired jimmy as a Professional Training in 2009, and hired jimmy more than once

“I started Training with Jimmy in 2010. His methods of teaching NLP are excellent. He opened my eyes up, to many different ways of looking at things, and how to change those things to make a big difference in my life. I would defiantly recommend you do an NLP course with Jimmy; it’s something you need to experience for your self.
 Robert Anthony Holford


“Hello Jim
I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other People,
My Son has visited Jim every Pre-season for the past 4 years and its has changed his life.
With Jims help, advise and training My Son has been able to achieve his Goals in becoming a Professional Footballer.
We still visit Jim every year, for a TOP UP SESSION.
Me and my Son would reccomend Jim to everyone he is an amazin Person.”

 Paul Lyne

“”Jimmy is a dedicated professional who integrates NLP, and Psychological strategies with Physical Conditioning to excellent effect. Jimmy is extremely knowledgable and a leader in his field”

 Tony Strudwick, Head of Fitness and Conditioning, Blackburn Rovers Football Club

“Jimmy was responsible for me having the chance to train and trial with Bury FC in the UK. In the week long series of training sessions, Jimmy put me through my paces, gave invaluable feedback, and helped me focus on the little things (specific things that others had overlooked) that would take my game to a new level.

Jimmy’s approach was scientific and at the same time thought provoking. He really allowed me to focus on the positives of my game rather than just iron out the negatives. Jimmy is a great guy, with a sincere professionalism that is unmatched in the football industry having trained many of the very best footballers in the UK and beyond, and I’d recommend his services to anyone wanting to take their game, and lives in general, to the next level.”

 John Stevanja

“Jimmy works hard and is passionate about what he does.”

t Nan Herring, Assistent To Coach Steve Toth, RCRN

 “Jimmy Petruzzi is very much an experienced player within his profession that of Peak Performance Coach/ NLP Trainer, Jimmy is calm, cool and very much collective within his duties in ensuring he gets the best from his various sporting personalities in order for them to reach their peak both in body and mind. Jimmy works with individuals on a one to one basis and also within a team structure, his programe in order to meet the various peoples differing needs can only be described as exemplory, enjoyable with a means to an end in order for individuals and teams to achieve their personal aims.
It is very much a pleasure having Jimmy Petruzzi playing an important role within my Management Team.” BRENT PETERS, CHIEF EXECUTIVE,TEAM MANAGER,HEAD COACH., BACUP BOROUGH FOOTBALL CLUB

“Jimmy very easily adapts to all levels, He is just as good working with elite children as he is with elite national coaches in the sporting area. There is an old saying how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time, Jimmy provides those steps and obtains real results for his clients from his consultations. He doesnt waste your time with who what why, his techniques goes straight to the how do we help and assist and get some results now.
Neal Baird

“Jimmy contributed a couple of articles for the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine. These articles were well received by our readers.”

 Mike Saif  President, WORLD CLASS COACHING

“I attended the NLP Centre of Excellence Coach Practitioner Programme in March and really enjoyed it. Jimmy and Sara Lou-Ann delivered a lot of detailed (and at times complicated !) information in an easy-to-follow, laid back style.

If you’re new to NLP or want to re-visit previous learning, I would recommend highly recommend you book on to one of their courses.”

 Paulette Campbell

“I was a student at NLP Centre of Excellence. Jim is a great coach, committed, knowledgeable and passionate about his work.”

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