Now that you are lying there, just relax your arms, your shoulders and take in a deep breath.  Now close your eyes and allow yourself to be serene and tranquil.


By listening to the sound of my voice you will start to imagine, in your mind’s eye all of the words that I am about to say and you will remember them.


All the noises, sounds and outside world will be unimportant to you, you will still be able to hear them but again, they are not important to you.


All that is important now is your very own peace of mind and a very deep state of relaxation.


Now that you are comfortable there, at one with yourself and the quietness of your mind I just want your entire body  to become so heavy, as if your arms and legs, and body are like a lead weight, comfortably warm and safe and only hearing my voice.


Taking a deep breath in, relax and exhale, letting the stress and strains of today and yesterday disappear on the air and be calm.


I wonder now if you can follow the story in my words and in your mind’s eye, picture each and every word I am saying in such a way that you unwind even more.


Feel the weight of your eyes, so weighty, so, so heavy that you just want to remain like this for some time.


Good, now feel the force pulsing through your body, making your nerves and muscles loosen up, such a warm and pleasant feeling.


As you now slowly inhale and exhale, feel the positivity that comes with relaxation and just be calm.   As you listen for my voice it will be easier for you to drift down deeper, your body now so heavy that it no longer wants to move, enjoying the moment you are having for you