meta programs

NLP  Meta Programs

Have you ever delivered a presentation to a group of people and had a completely different reaction to various members of the group, or tell the same story or a joke to different sets of people and had completely different reactions. Or you might have given your clients, colleagues a set of instruction and some of them completely understood and processed what you said, while others just looked at you with a blank expression.

There are times no doubt that your left wandering, why is the same message interpreted completely different. How is it possible one person reacts one way and another person reacts different.

You may give someone a task to do, and the next time you hear back from that person its complete and another person you give the same task, with the same instructions keeps getting in touch with you to ask for your thoughts on their progress.

When you have an idea some people see the opportunity, get excited, happy, enthusiastic, whilst others see all the pitfalls and down sides.

We can only take responsibility for what we communicate, not the other persons reaction, and if the person reacts in a way that the information isn’t processed, this following chapter will give you an insight and understanding of how to get through to people. If you would like to be a master communicator, as a coach, in business or your personal life. Then read on and let’s explore the power of metaprogrammes.

Underlying the values you have accumulated in life as a result of your experiences, are deeper-routed values that determine the way people approach life. They are called metaprogrammes- the source of people motivation and behaviour patterns. Metaprogrammes are our internal programs we use in deciding what we pay attention to.